Saturday, October 13, 2012

Screwball XXXI

Nicola Mocchiutti wrote this great summary of the Fireball regatta, Screwball, which took place a few weeks ago. This was taken from their Facebook page. The Fireball picture is from a super set by Luka Bartulovic on the Kalu Facebook page

Ralph  Stocek, Ed.

Screwball has its own special traditions. Unlike all other regattas during the sailing season when the wind and action is unpredictable, Screwball is pretty much guaranteed to be exciting and eventful. This year was truly memorable. Mother Nature spoiled us with one day of light and erratically shifty conditions, followed by two days of 25-30 knot winds and is led to much swimming by every participant throughout the entire weekend. Including 3 boats on the start-line of one race with 45 seconds before the gun! Let’s just say the race committee got a pretty good show!!!

However, the action had already started back on shore with Tom and Pierre, who on Friday just two hours before the first gun, had their boat upside down in the barn and were still sanding away. But with some teamwork and a bit of luck, they managed to pull everything together and were sailing just in time for the start. Sometimes, luck does run out…rather quickly when it comes to Tom and Pierre. They not only lost their newly installed slot gaskets once, but twice!! Is third time the charm??!!

With winds like we had, one can only imagine that boat breakage is inevitable. And you would be right! Nic and Stephen experienced this first hand when their rudder ripped out of their transom. Poor boat!

Once everyone was back on-land, dry and warm, we were presented with a delicious Mexican themed dinner Saturday night. We even had a great band playing called: Break in the Silence. Thank you very much Shane, Val, Declan and Matys for being our musicians for the night!

I would like to thank Luka Bartulovic for taking some awesome pictures of us in action over the weekend.

Finally, for the boring part…the Screwball XXXI podium finishes! Nic and Stephen finished in 3rd place, followed by Rune and Jochen in 2nd place and Tom and Joe in 1st place!

Thank you very much to everyone who had a part in this regatta and making it as enjoyable as it always is!!!

See you all next year!!!
Nicola M.

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