Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Sailweek 2011 great fun in PHRF 3

In PHRF III, where the largest competition is taking place, Sailweek's podium placers are:
  1. Ketchup
  2. Encore Une Fois
  3. Nuisance
The PHRF III fleet winners: Ketchup, the Shark skippered by George Stedman. Ketchup is on a roll this year. They took third at the Shark World's last month, also making them the highest Montreal team. Now they have added Sailweek to their 2011 credentials. Hold on though, it may still be too early in the season to pronounce Ketchup as Montreal Sailing's Top Dawg. While it certainly looks like Stedman's #422 is the Dominator, Nuisance (another PCYC Shark) actually beat Ketchup in most of the races it sailed. If Nuisance had not been absent the first day of Sailweek, the BYC Annual Regatta, we might be telling a different story. So, it is still possible that the chest-pumping of Montreal Sailing is not over yet! Indeed, there are other sailors out there who could legitimately hold bragging rights. While the two aforementioned Sharks battled it out, the Tanzer 22, Encore Une Fois, actually sailed to second overall in Sailweek. Now there is a usurper! The Lintons and team aboard Encore Une Fois are having a very, very competitive season thus far. Three other Sharks, also took bullets during Sailweek. Kaos, and Crisis are always in the top ranks, of course. The only other bullet belongs to .... drumroll please... wait for it.... Ambitious! Yes, the boat formerly called Mainsail,  of yours truly, the long suffering backpacker, the cheerful but sometimes bald-faced bum,  the ever-trying... Okay, that's enough. But, Whoo-hoo! Team Ambitious took first in Race #2 of the BYC Annual.

The picture above was taken during a return from a club race. Our boat still had bow numbers from the Shark World Championship, #51. After our bullet during Sailweek, Jin peeled off the 5, and left on the 1. I didn't realize until we returned from a race. I have to admit, I appreciated the generous humour and left the number on.

Photo taken by Francesca Frati.

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