Thursday, October 14, 2010

Pumpkin & Club Captain's Broom Race - October 16th

Hudson YC members are still racing. Most of us are packing up, but there are still diehards out there this coming week end. Here is a post from HYC's Sailors Advisory:

Pumpkin Race

Join us this weekend for some of the last official races of the season, and fun for sailors of all ages.

In the morning, come out for this seasonal family favorite.  It's a fun race with a twist that throws your normal strategy to the wind.

After starting and before finishing a boat must pick up at least 1 pumpkin by any method provided all crew members remain on board (might be a challenge for certain individuals based on recent experience even without Pumpkins). After the finish bring your catch into the club and enjoy some lunch while the results are calculated. Each boat's corrected time will be adjusted according to their haul of pumpkins.

Skippers and pumpkin briefing at 09:30, first gun at 10:30

Club Captain's Broom Race

In the afternoon, all boats are invited to come out and "sweep the lake" as our Club Captain hosts a mystery course that will be revealed at the skippers briefing.

Skipppers briefing at 13:00, first gun at 14:00

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