Sunday, September 19, 2010

Fireball Screwball To Be Canadian Nationals and Feature Coaching

The upcoming Fireball Regatta is the big racing event in Montreal this coming week, and it all starts on Thursday. Here is a call out from Joe Jospe, probably the pre-eminent Ball booster, and the fleet's hottest sailor. As of last week, they have some super initial numbers that look like about 21 teams for the regatta. Joe and the fleet are looking for any closet Fireballers, or so-far undeclared teams from near and afar to get in touch. It looks like it'll be busy! Having a talented Fireball competitor and coach, who also happens to be a Director of the International Fireball Association, coming all the way from England to help everyone improve their game is brilliant. What a great way to make a regatta a more special event. Given the Limey connection, I thought I'd include some pics of an event Joe and Tom Egli did pretty well at, the 2008 National Championship in England.  - Ralph, Montreal Sailing

Based on early responses, rumors, and an absence of confirmed denials, we have a preliminary list of attendees for the combined Screwball/ Canadian Nationals coming up in less than two weeks time. If your name is missing from the list below, please contact me as soon as possible to get in on the action. This should be the best attended event this year in North America, and you really want to be there. We really want you to be there. There might even be a boat available to borrow. In addition to what will inevitably turn out to be excellent racing, we are offering much more this year.


Andrew Davies will be providing coaching beginning on Thursday, September 23rd, at 1 p.m. and throughout the afternoon and the weekend. The plan is to go out on the water and participate in drills. Andrew will be on a coach boat, and will be providing feedback to help every boat improve their boat handling, sail trim, starting, and tactics. He will be equipped with a video camera, and we will have an opportunity to review the afternoon’s action later on shore. Andrew has agreed to analyze the action on the water throughout the racing and comment on every boat’s performance after sailing. This is an invaluable way to step our respective games. Andrew has extensive experience coaching at top competitive levels in the Fireball class. He has coached the Swiss and Czech teams and others, in addition to an impressive racing resumé in the Fireball class. Andrew is the Secretary of Fireball International, and always a welcome guest.

The Bar

will be open to celebrate success, good company, or to help forget the inevitable mishap on the water. A gathering of this many Fireball sailors from across the country is guaranteed to be fun.

The Dinner

Our planning committee has put together a delicious menu for Saturday evening. We will be treated to a Greek feast, with a range of choices to suit all. We would appreciate knowing if you are planning on bringing any non-sailors, as space is limited, and we do not want to turn any Fireball crew or friend away.

The Entertainment

Screwball has developed some intriguing traditions over the years. John McGuinness has put together an entertainment plan for the evening that combines music and humour. Stephanie might even have written another musical ode to the Fireball fleet, as she has done for the last couple of years.

The Prizes

In addition to the serious stuff, Screwball is the one event on the agenda where we try and send everyone home with a prize. Our prize-giving ceremony is really quite unique. The Crew’s Union will reward all heroics appropriately. Andrew McCrae and Peter Kelly, a long-time team as prize-givers, have teamed up on the water as well. We can only wonder what the extra time together will yield. Their goal is to send everyone home with a smile and thanks for attending and being part of the fun.
The Dates

Coaching will begin on Thursday, September 23rd at 1 p.m. Racing is scheduled to start on Friday, September 24th at 1 p.m., and continue on Saturday and Sunday. The Notice of Race is available at

See you there.

Joe Jospe