Saturday, July 24, 2010

The Overall Champion of Sailweek 2010 is...

Ketchup, under attack by two other Sharks, Blueshark and VO2 Max, yet another photo by wunderphotog Heather Deeks

drumroll please...  

Ketchup, skippered by George Stedman!

Ketchup has won the largest, most competitive fleet, PHRF 3 which includes all the Shark hotshots and the leading Tanzer 22, Encore Une Fois. None of the top three ran away with victories over the competition. Ketchup, like the other Sharks, Crisis in 2nd, and Eclipse in 3rd overall, won just won race. The Sailweek glory came from sailing more consistently in the upper tier of results.

Cheer on the team of Silver Phantom who are now ghosting by the "Silver" fleet. You probably haven't noticed, but Silver Phantom, crewed by Jake Fichten, has with the completion of Sailweek, surpassed the rest of us doing battle in the 2nd pack. It takes a long time to figure out how to get a Shark going at its fastest, frustratingly more so than some other boats. This is the Phantom's first full season here, and they are moving up the fleet as they quietly work away at it. We still get the occasional race above them, but overall, they are now doing better! Personally, I don't intend to let them get away with being the Rolls Royce slipping by the Chevys, so watch out. Call us brash, but we're out to fight!