Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Bacardi Cup 2010 Version Begins

 A posse of Canadian sailors are at the famous Bacardi Cup racing in Stars. Included in the Snowbirds hosted by the Coral Reef Yacht Club in Florida are local heroes and their crewmates:

  •  Marcotte, André & Vranderick, Alain 
  • Hendershot, William & Shousha, Rick
  • Gagnon, Andre & Despres, Daniel
  • Cramer, Brian & Johnston, Matt
  • Bjorn, Tyler & Clarke, Richard
84 boats were on the turquoise water of Biscayne Bay for the first race yesterday. Highest Canadians are Oskar Johansson & James Hynes in 11th. The race was held in 5-7 knots of wind on a very pleasant day. A general recall started things off. When the race got off Richard Clarke/Tyler Bjorn and Brian Cramer/Matt Johnston were both black flagged along with a group of 11 boats. That was it for the day as the format calls for one race per day where the race committee aims for a racing duration of about 2 and a half hours. Racing continues till Saturday. I'm following the news at:

Leaders after race #1
  1.  Diaz Augie & Prada Bruno, USA
  2. Smith Jud & Fatih Brian, USA
  3. Lima Gustavo & Basilio Rubrio, Portugal