Friday, October 09, 2009

Pas De deux this Saturday

I love ending the season with these fun races. The Labour Day Distance Race is for many the last blow out of summer. With autumn came the Turkey Bowl, then the Chili Bowl, and this Saturday we have the Pas De Deux. I hope I will see some of you out there too. Now, this is a fun race, and one shouldn't take it too seriously. The thing is, I'm just beginning to feel some teeny-weeny mojo in the Shark class. So, I'm pretty enthusiastic about this race. Maybe, I'll even get to sneak our bow past another Shark. Hopefully, there will be enough wind to outrun the Tanzer 22s, but not so much that the Etchells whoosh by. Since I still have a long way to go before I can overcome these types of PHRF variables with sheer talent, I have decided to invite along a rock star to keep the boat moving. Since the boat hasn't come out of the water since the Shark World's in August, there should be some pretty long fuzzy stuff growing on the bottom of the boat. Hopefully, bigger talent than mine will find some miracle to keep the boat moving. Apparently, my dockmate and guest crew couldn't find a way to stop my "Grovelling" until agreeing to come. Hey, whatever works. I have no shame, and he deservedly gets "Respeck".  It's a little early for a reliable forecast, but here it is for now:

Today, Tonight, and Saturday: Wind light increasing to northwest 15 to 20 knots Saturday morning then diminishing to light Saturday evening.

Game on!
You can find out how to register, and other race and social stuff here . Barring changes, the course is supposed to be as follows:

Start Gate @ SLVRYA#31->#16 (P) -> #42(P) -> #33(S)-> #31(P) -> #32 finish