Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Mix and Match Sharks

This is a crop from another of Heather's great photos taken during GNS C, races 2 & 3. I wanted to highlight Crescendo because it is one of the new Sharks racing out of BYC. Judy is the skipper. At the helm is Bill who also has one of the new Sharks at BYC. Crescendo is a very nice boat. After the Shark World's, Pierre, helm of the Sharp Shark "Nuisance" chatted with me about some Mix & Match races. This is something the Fireball class has done. Seasoned racers sail with those learning their boats, and get tips on performance. I would definitely be in, and Judy is enthusiastic too. We held Shark Sunday School earlier this season where Sudden Impulse and Mainsail practiced frequent starts and short course sailing to practice sail-handling and mark roundings. Bill was in on that one too. I think quite a few Sharkies can benefit from this type of training. It would also be a good opportunity for the class to get together.

Ralph, Montreal Sailing