Thursday, May 28, 2009

New 49er Mast Here

Montreal sailors Dubreucq / Parekh begin sailing with the new 49erC rig.

After a few hours of painstaking assembly and tuning, Matt Dubreucq and Trevor Parekh have gone for their first two test sails with the new 49erC all carbon, three piece rig. Unfortunately, both test sails were under 3 knots, but the performance gain is evident, even in marginal conditions. You can honestly feel the difference in as little as 1 or 2 knots of breeze.

The new rig is a little taller, a little lighter and a little thinner. Given that it is carbon, it demands a more even bend profile than the previous rig. Additionally, the sail is cut a little differently, so more even bend will flatten the sail more effectively.

The new masts are now class-legal and after the OSGP, the racing in Canada will allow the carbon rigs.

Contact Mackay, Ovington, Bethwaite or fleet rep Trevor Parekh to purchase a new mast and sails. It would be a good idea to ship together with other teams to save on the shipping costs. Mast, main and jib are about 32 Kg, with the longest mast section measuring about 18’.

We will start posting notes and numbers on this site as soon as the info is available!


Trevor Parekh
CAN 945, 946