Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Miami OCR 2009 Results

Dominique Vallee caught in action by Kit Temple.

A large contingent of Canadians went to Florida for the Miami OCR. Below are the top results for classes Canadians sailed. Once agin Canada shows it is now a strong Olympic contender. A lot of our sailors including Montreal sailors have also done well, particularly those relatively new to international sailing who are moving up the ranks. And check out Bone and Vallee who are on the edge of breaking into the final medal rounds of their respective classes!- Ralph, Montreal Sailing

Laser, 63 entries

1. Nick Thompson, GBR
2. Pavlos Kontides, CYP
3. Brad Funk, USA
4. Michael Leigh, CAN
5. David Wright, CAN
7. Lee Parkhill, CAN

Laser Radial, 41 entries

1. Ana Tunnicliffe, USA
2. Paige Railey, USA
3. Jennifer Spalding, CAN
9. Isabella Bertold, CAN

Finn, 30 entries

1. Edward Wright, USA
2. Christopher Cook, CAN
3. Zach Railey, USA
4. Matt Johnston, CAN

470 Men, 18 entries

1. Onan Barreiros, Aaron Sarmiento, ESP
2. Stuart McNay, Graham Biehl, USA
3. Matthias Schmid, Florian Reichstaedter, AUT
11. Eric Holden, Oliver Bone, CAN

470 Women, 9 entries

1. Henriette Koch, Lene Sommer, DEN
2. Erin Maxwell, Isabelle Kinsolving, USA
3. Molly Carapiet, Molly O'Bryan Vandemoyer, USA
9. Kristine Williams, Jennifer Braem, CAN

49er, 22 entries

1. Karth Nico Delle, Nikolaus Resch, AUT
2. John Pink, Rick Peacock, GBR
3. Frederico Alonzo, Arturo Alonzo, ESP
5. Gordon Cook, Ben Remocker, CAN
9. Bill Gooderham, Ian Hogan, CAN

Star, 31 entries

1. Rick Merriman, Phil Trinter, USA
2. George Szabo, Rick Peters, USA
3. Flavio Marazzi, Petter Morland Pedersen, SUI
19. Brian Cramer, Tyler Bjorn, CAN

RS-X Men (34 entries)

1. Dorian Van Rijsselberge, NED
2. Ivan Pastor Lafuente, ESP
3. João Rodrigues, POR
22. Dave Hayes, CAN

RS-X Women (23 entries)

1. Marina Alabau, ESP
2. Zofia Klepacka, POL
3. Blanca Manchon, ESP
6. Nikola Girke, CAN
11. Dominique Vallee, CAN

2.4mR (19 entries)

1. Allan Leibel CAN
2. Damien Seguin, FRA
3. Paul Tingley, CAN
4. Bruce Millar, CAN
6. Jerry Wendt, CAN
10. Darrell Suderman, CAN