Sunday, January 11, 2009

Locals gearing up for the J24 Big Show in Annapolis

Great action Photo by Sarah Proctor from the J24 World's website.

Montreal Sailing got a warm new year's greeting from one of our important fleet representatives. David Cobbett of the J24 crowd sent a note. Thanks so much David for the email and the encouragement to continue the service and fun that is Montreal Sailing.

Winter notwithstanding, the J24, skipper David Cobbett and crew are all already engaged in preparations for the J24 World Sailing Championship, to be hosted by the Annapolis Yacht Club, April 30th - May 8th. Over 70 boats, including some of the world's best sailors will be competing. David's boat "High Strung" is being prepped by Waterline Systems in Newport, Rhode Island, and the crew is stepping it up with a physical training program. I understand the very hot "Navtech" team from Quebec City will be there, as well as the Baygull team from PCYC.

About 5200 J24s have been built, and the class continues to provide some of the best high end racing as well as the local scene. The J24's most significant home in the area of Montreal Sailing is David's playground of the Hudson Yacht Club.

Rock on guys, and send us updates!