Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Ouch! GNS A #4 causes pain

A significant wind blew up for the 4th race last evening. Before it subsided, there were boats feeling the pain. The Fichten's Tanzer 22, Sine Wave lost its mast which broke in two. That's no small feat for the sturdy masthead rig, but it does happen. A white sail racer got swept to about 20 or so yards offshore perched on rocks. The crash boat managed to pull it off. Jin Frati's Blue Shark lost a lower gudgeon and upper pintle for the rudder and had to retire. The wind did slow down as the evening progressed, though remained at strong levels. No results posted yet.

Here is a cool note on the previous Tuesday's GNS A, race #3. The Fireballs started 15 minutes after the Etchells, 10 minutes after White Sail, and 5 minutes after the Sharks, Tanzer 22s, etc, in PHRF 3, yet finished before all of them. One would've thought they would have been scooping fish in their sails, with that big blow, but they whooped the entire total of fleets!