Friday, April 18, 2008

Laser SB3 Keelboat dominates beyond our waters

Photo by Richard Langdon, Ocean Images

In case someone didn't realize, yes, the new OD class post was an April Fools' joke. Indeed, I am the last person to consider such an option, as such newer designs are not remotely in my budget. Nevertheless, I couldn't help but notice the news this morning. It almost made my jaw drop. The Laser SB3 class (Fools' class) has had to cut off registration at the upcoming World Championship as entries had reached 120.

120... for a new KEELBOAT class... WOW!

I think this boat, or one like it, may reach North America in a big way, particularly once beyond the current recession. I will be one of the last to join. Not because I'm not anxious to try one. I'd like to ride this speedster more than anything else right now. Rather, because I need, and benefit from the availability of cheap, older boats, and this is a modern design that is still pricey on the European used market. With SB3 production beginning soon in Rhode Island, numbers, used boats, and prices may eventually change if the class becomes as popular in North America as other parts of the world. There has even been suggestions it should become an Olympic class. Simple, fast, now we just need the 3rd winning factor to reach the masses like me: inexpensive!

Whatever, time to stop dreaming. I have a Shark at the club along with my T22, wonderful boats. It's already the afternoon, time to resume applying that rubbing compound. Remarkable how these boats' oxidized gel coats come back, again and again. I must say, it feels good to be in the boatyard.

Yah! The season is approaching, and I am getting excited! Montreal is a fine place to be right now. The weather is warm and sunny, the boat yard is becoming populated with friends, and we have good 'ol boats to get ready for a season of great competition and fun. See you out there.