Sunday, March 09, 2008

Ides of March

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This is not the J80 Fast company, from the RSt.LYC owned by Peter McBride.

We in Montreal have been walloped by the storm hitting large parts of North America. A fellow came by to look at a sail yesterday, before the storm made venturing out impossible. He had canceled his snow removal contract after last year's low accumulation of snow. In Montreal, we are on track to beat the record snowfall of 1971. The photo above depicts a boat not of Montreal, but rather just a day trip away, Conway, New Hampshire. The photo was taken by Liz Chadwick and featured in Scuttlebutt's photos of the week. Apparently a building collapsed doing in 4 of the J80 Fleet #1. I am still waiting, yearning for enough snow to dissipate so I can move a Shark from Whitby to BYC. March is a month that can play cruel tricks, but spring is not far beyond!