Friday, February 23, 2007

Venture Sailing Club in Valois Bay

Here are a couple of aerial shots of Venture Sailing Club, which is in Valois Bay. This area is nestled inbetween the RStLYC to the east, and PCYC and BYC to the west. The bay more sheltered from typical west winds so often has lighter winds until one gets into the more open area beyond the bay. There are a good number of Lasers and other small craft dry-sailed, and a number of small keelboats and centreboarders on moorings. There are also some cats, and racks for canoes and kayaks. Just next door is a club of rowers and paddlers that is very popular. A small clubhouse, and a beautiful park area are set up on a hill overlooking the bay. This sailing base is a super example of collaboration between civic authorities and a club to bring affordable sailing to the people.