Thursday, December 21, 2006

Bird's Eye View of Lachine

I've recently been enjoying the use of Google Earth. I thought I should share with Montreal sailors some of the satellite shots I've been viewing. From time to time, I will post photos of the harbours where most of us keep our boats, as well as some others. This one is of the Lachine shoreline. I like it because it shows where the rapids become a serious whitewater affair. Actually, I remember the water being quite nasty on the other side of the land barrier protecting the harbour too. You can see the Mercier bridge, and a train bridge traversing the white water. On the south shore is the canal. The harbour in Lachine is wonderfully protected, and leads to the old Lachine Canal. There is a dinghy club in the protected water too. Nice area with a lot of public greenspace, but still, I'd be a little nervous about getting caught on the wrong side in the current!