Saturday, April 01, 2006

AQVA has a website up.

The Association québécoise de voile adaptée has a new website to visit. In my opinion, the AQVA is the most important sailing development in the Montreal area since I took up the sport. Just look at the lines of that boat! It's the Martin 16, so graceful and modern, a combination not always apparent in contempoary boats. Not only is the boat pretty, but it is a beauty to sail. I loved it. For some years now, AQVA has been running their program out of P.C.Y.C., where they have a fleet. They can have pretty much anyone out sailing regardless of physical disability. If I am enamoured by the boat without any mobility impairment, it must be pretty special if quadriplegic for example. No cracks about my racing impairment please. The way the controls are set up, when needed a "sip and puff" system can control the boat completely. Otherwise, a joy stick controls the rudder, and the jib is self-tacking. The sailor operates the boat independantly, but there is also a comfortable place for a crew member or instructor to sit directly behind. It is a great program for sailors to get involved in, either sailing or volunteering. AQVA oversees both day sailing and regattas, and its members have travelled to major competitions. Click on the title to see the website. Thank you Paula Stone for the heads up!