Tuesday, February 21, 2006

SLVYRA links up with Montreal Sailing

The organization that does that unseen work coordinating our regatta schedules each year, manages the handicapping of boats, hands out trophies, flags, and even some subsidies to ambitious young sailors has put a link to Montreal Sailing on its website. So welcome to all visitors who are visiting Montreal Sailing for the first time. Please send any sailing reports, yarns, and photos along to Montreal Sailing so we can all share the news!

Sarita Rachel Maizel is the mainstay of the SLVYRA website keeping it running and up to date.

For Montreal Sailing readers who haven't been to the SLVYRA site, it's where you can find critical handicap information on every boat racing our waters, a comprehensive regatta schedule, and contact info for representatives of SLVYRA, and the member clubs. Also, SLVYRA info is in both French and English. Which reminds me, any francophones who would like to post at Montreal Sailing, I would scrub your bottom in exchange! Well, okay maybe not, but we would be so, so appreciative.