Friday, September 23, 2005

Pointe Claire Yacht Club Goes One Design For Club Championship

In order to anoint a Club Champion, PCYC is doing something different this year. On Saturday, October 1st, the four winners coming from each of the club’s PHRF fleets will square off against each other. However they won’t be sailing in their own Etchells, Tanzer 22, Fireball, or whatever. Instead, they will race in another club member’s Tanzer 22. The race will be a One Design Final Competition. This should make it easier to test the sailors’ mastery and mettle. PHRF is fun and helps get more boats on the water, but handicapping different boats doesn’t get it right all the time. This will make it a more pure test, and exciting to observe. The Tanzer 22 Fleet has kindly given their boats for the competition. Owners will be on board, and able to familiarize the competitors with the boats controls and so on. An advantage for this purpose, is that the Tanzer 22 is a simple set up, and won’t represent much of a hurdle for the racers to get over. The plan as I hear it so far, is to have competitors rotate through the boats in a sequence of races to ensure any differences in boats don’t affect the competition. My boat, "Ambitious" will be one of those competing, and I'm looking forward to the experience gleaned from different skippers. Should help my own game too!

Pointe Claire Yacht Club

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